Parenting is not so simple

There is a lot to be said about parenting and all that goes with it. Before you have your own kids you roll your eyes at desperate parents trying to calm their wild ones, or bribe them with candy and gifts.  Knowing that you wouldn´t have these problems yourself. It all seems so easy. Just be reasonable and talk to your kids, treat them as persons. But as a parent you know that´s not true. Kids are hard to understand and can be extreamly stubborn. To wrap your head around their little minds you need a lot of time and patience. You need to understand that they are in constant flux and changes are fast. Just try to imagine going through changes everyday and don´t understand why. Life as a kid is tough. No wonder they are cranky sometimes. But following the same understanding there is no wonder parents are cranky sometimes. It takes a lot of energy following along and keeping your cool though crazy fits and rages. Then to carry the shame of failing in public. Seeing all those eyerolls and getting advice from strangers that think they know better. It really is hard.

Lucky there are guides to help us lost parents to understand and be better. Like Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne that teaches us to reduce the clutter in our lives to free our children.